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Piper Davis Baseball

Updated: Jan 15

Piper Davis Baseball is a family of sports, created on the Councilman's Island in the year 1969. Basically, Bassball is baseball that you play with a small and light ball- no more than 5 ounces! Regular season games last about 1 hour. The team with the highest quotient score after 10 games wins the pennant or series title.

However, it is often relegated to a couple of fields and in the winter when college sports give priority to football and basketball. The story of Piper Davis is a reminder that all clubs deserve the support they need. It brings attention to the challenges of starting a club in a region like Stony Brook. It could be a game changer for girls' sports all over New York State, with more girls playing and more of them participating. There are other opportunities for growth, such as word games, paintball and ultimate frisbee, some of which have been successful in Stony Brook even while they've struggled to gain traction on Long Island.

Takeaway: Join today to experience this great activity

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